لنساهم معاً في بناء مستقبل افضل

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We need regular support to finance the costs of our humanitarian projects. Every small contribution helps, we can be stronger together.

Since 2012, we have been providing humanitarian aid for Syria with the non-profit organisation SyrienHilfe e.V.. In all these years, we have learned a lot, constantly built up new projects and never stopped hoping. And never stopped helping!

Our first projects – housing inner-Syrian refugee families in flats, monthly distribution of food parcels and support for medical needs – still exist today and give hundreds of families in Damascus support in uncertain times. For many years, we have also supported pupils, trainees and students or pre-school children here. So that they can continue on their educational path.

Since 2014, we have been helping with projects for Syrian refugee women and training projects for young men in Beirut, and also intensively support a school for about 600 Syrian children in Beirut. And we have set up various projects in Turkey: in Bursa, an adult education project with a library and a pre-school project for Syrian children. And in Istanbul, a complete centre for mentally, physically and multiply disabled Syrian children and youth.

And since 2016, we have been able to implement many aid projects in the Idlib region, have distributed hot meals to hundreds of thousands for years, have repeatedly provided emergency aid with clothing, tents, stoves with heating material, have distributed collections of donations in kind from Germany, and have distributed hygiene packages in large quantities. We provide medical aid wherever we can. And have founded first one, then two, then three schools: in these three schools more than 1,300 children, adolescents and young adults currently have access to education from pre-school to high school! And it also gives them a chance for th

Your donation helps us to keep all these projects alive. Thanks a million!!!