SyrienHilfe e.V. (SyriaAid , Aid to Syria Association) is an Organization that provides Humanitarian Aid in Syria

In order to provide personal and direct aid to the victims of the conflict in Syria, a group of doctors, engineers, archaeologists, teachers, and artists came together to found the charitable organization SyrienHilfe e.V. (SyriaAid).

Some of the founders have known Syria and enjoyed the generosity and hospitality of its people for many years. The outbreak of the conflict and its effects on Syrian civil society have affected us profoundly. We know from personal accounts about the problems of countless refugees and the dire circumstances faced by many Syrian families.

We work primarily inside Syria, but also in Lebanon and Turkey, to provide humanitarian and emergency aid to Syrian refugees. We undertake and support various self-help projects as well as training and education projects. And as far as we are able, we help with the care of orphans in Syria.

The aid we provide is purely humanitarian and without any political motivation. Thanks to your donation and to the tireless engagement of our local helpers, we hope to deliver direct aid to as many people in Syria as possible. We aim to provide the victims of this crisis not only with food, clothing, lodgings, and medical services, but to give them psychological and moral support as well, to help them reestablish their sense of dignity. To give them support and to show them: You are not forgotten!

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