Thanks to a Syrian civil society network, we have succeeded in reaching refugees in Damascus and the surrounding area, as well as in Homs, Hama, and Suweida, to provide direct, personal aid to refugee families within Syria. This includes monthly care packages, housing, and medical care such as treatment and funding for operations and prostheses. In Damascus, we are supporting an orphanage and helping a municipality provide foster care for its orphans. Another important focus of our work is the planning and implementation of sustainable “Helping Others Help Themselves” projects.
Examples of these include developing a poultry farm, training seamstresses, building a sewing studio, establishing a vegetable farm, holding training workshops for trauma therapists, and providing care and services to Syrian refugees in Turkey, most of whom come from the Aleppo area. The great majority of our projects are undertaken inside Syria, however, which allows us to reach those internal refugees most in need of aid, many of whom are in dire need due to the conflict.

Syria needs help. About one half of the Syrian population is currently dependent on humanitarian aid.

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Our projects inside Syria

Care Packages Every Month
Rent/Accommodations – Homes for Refugee Families
Medical Care
Providing Daily Necessities to Orphans
Poultry Farming: Eggs and Meat for Self-Supporters and Jobs

Our projects outside Syria

Care for Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Cooking and Sewing Project for Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon